Germania Mint Cast Rune - Set of 6

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  • Limited edition, with only 2,500 pcs available worldwide! 

  • Extraordinary cast collectible bars forged from 1 oz 999.9 silver, each bearing a unique number and mint mark. Use a black light to make it glow!

  • 6 Incredibles Germania Mint Runes- each with a special power and meaning!

Behold the mystic allure of The Germania Mint Runes—a homage to the ancient wisdom sought by the god Odin, who sacrificed himself to unlock the secrets of runic magic. The runes, letters of the runic alphabet embraced by the ancient Germanic peoples, each carry a unique meaning, etched into history on wood, metal, bone, or stone.

  1. Ansuz Cast Rune: serves as a symbolic signal to heed messages from higher sources or one's inner wisdom, guiding the seeker toward divine inspiration. Within this rune lies the potent influence of words, embodying the transformative power of articulating ideas.

  2. Fehu Cast Rune: encapsulates the essence of positive potential, symbolizing the attraction of wealth, abundance, material and financial success as well as intellect, creativity, and charisma essential for their attainment. 

  3. Dagaz Cast Rune: holds the transformative energy of awakening and blossoming. Signifying growth, new beginnings, and renewal, it encourages a journey towards enlightenment while promoting balance and harmony.

  4. Wunjo Cast Rune: holds the power of happiness, joy and being fulfilled. To find the harmony and contentment from the successful pursuit of one's goals and of finding true love.

  5. Algiz Cast Rune: embodies the essence of higher consciousness, inviting us to elevate our perspectives and transcend obstacles.

  6. Uruz Cast Rune: embodies the force of life, emphasizing vitality, strength, and energy. It symbolizes harnessing personal power to conquer challenges on the path to achieving objectives, encompassing the ability to create or dismantle. Aligned with themes of health, well-being, and nature, it signifies a potent source of transformative energy.

Embrace the magic and power of the runes today with this exquisite 1 oz Silver Set from Germania Mint. Illuminate your collection and let the ancient wisdom shine through in every detail!