PREORDER: 2023 IconMint Malibu Dream Mercanti Eagle 1 oz Silver

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  • Limited Edition: Only 75 units worldwide, each individually numbered for exclusivity.
  • Antiqued Finish: Exquisite craftsmanship brings an aura of history and character to the iconic Mercanti Eagle design.
  • Sparkly Pink Hologram Enhancements: Mesmerizing holographic elements on the eagle's features, adding a captivating modern twist inspired by Barbie!

Step into a world of whimsy and elegance with the 2023 IconMint Malibu Dream Mercanti Eagle 1 oz Silver coin, a remarkable creation that takes its inspiration from the iconic Barbie doll. As the flagship offering from IconMint, this limited edition masterpiece combines the allure of collectibles with the charm of childhood nostalgia.  In a celebration of rarity and individuality (just like the doll herself!), only 75 units of this extraordinary coin have been produced, with each sleeve bearing its distinct number. This exclusivity ensures that your Malibu Dream Mercanti Eagle is a true gem in the world of numismatics.

IconMint's commitment to exceptional artistry is evident in the antiqued finish, meticulously applied to bring out the historical significance and character of the Mercanti Eagle design. The timeless elegance of the coin is further enhanced, paying homage to the classic aesthetics loved by collectors.  Indulge in the enchantment of sparkly pink hologram enhancements inspired by Barbie herself! These dazzling holographic elements grace the eagle's wings, tail feathers, and majestic head, creating a mesmerizing dance of pink sparkles that exude a playful and modern twist.

Crafted from 1 oz of .999 fine silver, the 2023 IconMint Malibu Dream Mercanti Eagle is not just a work of art but also a cherished keepsake. Presented in a Quadrum display case, each coin is accompanied by a high quality sleeve incorporating the certificate of authenticity, validating its origin and limited edition status.  Join us on a journey of whimsy and sophistication as you embrace the 2023 IconMint Malibu Dream Mercanti Eagle 1 oz Silver coin. Inspired by Barbie's timeless charm and beauty, this extraordinary treasure becomes an exquisite addition to any collector's trove, symbolizing the perfect fusion of nostalgia and modernity.